Terms of Service

Please be aware that I have a cat in my home that may come in contact with your suit!

I have the right to post photos of the suit once complete or during creation. If you wish to keep your suit secret and to only post after received or for me not to tag you in any photos I must be informed before the commission begins

I only offer a payment plan of 3 months max, however any payment plan will come with a 5% interest on top of whatever is owe. So for example if you pay a downpayment of 1200 the first month, you will owe 5% on top of the remaining payment the next month. (2800 + 140 = 2940) and so on and so forth until youve paid of your suit. Failure to pay off your suit within three months will be met with a 10% late fee on whatever the remainder is per month. If you miss two months of payment your commission will be canceled and I will not refund the downpayment if work has been done.

If I cancel your commission, the down payment will be refunded in full

If the suit is not fully paid for or you drop the commission I have the right to alter and resell the suit​

I have the right to deny alterations during creation if we did not agree to them upfront

I have a chat on telegram you will be invited to so youll have daily updates of my progress on all suits

I am willing to ship worldwide, just keep in mind costs and import fees. Im willing to hand deliver to cons, but there will be fees due to baggage and handling

If you do not tape your DTD back up before shipping it, there will be a $50 inconvenience fee

Suits will be shipped with the most basic uninsured ground shipping. You may request a signature, insurance, or different forums of shipping but must pay for any extra fees

I am not responsible for lost mail or mistakes made by the postal service, once the suit is shipped, I no longer hold responsibility for its condition.

Quotes are only valid for the term in which I open my commission queue

You must provide photo ID to prove your age, you must be 18+ I do not work with minors. You are allowed to commission a suit on behalf of a minor.

Any suits with adult modifications will be kept 100% discrete on my end.

My queue is generally only 6 months long on average

I require a full DTD, I wont work off body measurements. Any poorly made DTD's will be either disposed of or return if requested (at your expense). And a new one will be requested

PLEASE make sure When youre making your DTD you maintain a SHOULDERS UP AND BACK T pose. Tape between your legs, under your armpits, to your ankles are wrists. My bodysuits are SNUG so there is very little room for error. Poorly made DTD's will result in a poor fitting bodysuit

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, I GIVE QUOTES BASED 100% OFF YOUR REF. If you send me a ref with 100 spots, im quoting based on the fact that I will have to sew 100 spots. If you want a simplified suit, please submit a SIMPLIFIED REF. I do not give quotes on descriptions.


I offer a 1 year warranty on suits, however keep in mind this comes with conditions. I will offer certain repairs/alterations on any suit commissioned from me for free, be it a pre-made or a custom suit. HOWEVER, this warranty will NOT cover suits made by me that have been purchased second hand. BUT keep in mind you are responsible for all shipping costs, to and from, no matter when you request repairs.

Please keep in mind fursuits are pieces of art and should be treated as so. If i have suspicions that your suit is being severely mishandled, I have a right to deny service.

PLEASE CLEAN YOUR SUIT BEFORE SENDING IT TO ME. Any dirty/stinky suits will be immediately shipped back to you at your expense. I WILL NOT CLEAN YOUR FURSUIT FOR YOU.

I will work at my own pace on repairs between current commissioners suits. Depending on how extensive the repair needed is it may take a month or more to return the suit to you.

This warranty will cover:

Suits that do not fit upon arrival (leg/arm sleeves too short, bodysuit too tight, head too tight/loose, hand or feetpaws that are too tight/loose) Keep in mind my bodysuits are intended to be SNUG. But should still be comfortably wearable with a full range of motion. There may be a small “break in period” as many arent used to snug bodysuits.

And parts of the suit that may break while wearing. Such as a fan failing, jaw breaking, nose sealant chipping, fur/ears falling off head, eyes breaking/fading, bodysuit zippers failing, mass seam failure, etc.

This warranty DOES NOT cover:

Minor seam failures. You will be expected to know how to do minor seam repairs as this is a normal part of owning a fursuit

Major weight gain/lose that requires bodysuit alterations that would compromise the integrity of your fursuits markings. If this is the case, you will be required to commission a new bodysuit in its place at full cost.

Refurbs. If parts of the suit are wearing down simply due to age, or if you wish to have an update style, you must commission a new suit parts.